Small format Exhibition

from June 14th to June 19th , 2022

East Gallery - 76 rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris

Affiche Entité 120 dpi.jpg

Entité - Small Format exhibition by Hybrid’s Crib

Curatrices : Caroline Canaut & Ronnie Jiang

Scenography : Jérôme Royer

Communication : Mehnoush Modonpour

Exhibiting artists : 

Adèle Bessy, Adrien Conrad, Charlotte Désétoiles, Claude A. Thibaud, Claudia Vialaret, Corinne Debonnière, 

CY. Pavel, David Cow, Elian Lacroix, Elise Van Es, Emmanuelle de Rosa, Emily Helstroffer, Eric Kilat, Emma Tenailleau, François Martin Vallas, Fir, Ho Pui San, Jean François Morro, Jérôme Royer, Mehnoush Modonpour, Michel Marant, Michel Verna, Orlando Latour, Ronnie Jiang, Solène Dumas, Stéphane Martin, Silvimoro, Turzo, Valko, William Bolze-Evain.


By Cyril Schwastiak


An entity literally designates ‘something which exists’ and makes us question the very nature of what constitutes art, the quiddity of a specific work. In a century where the ‘inaccessibility’ of work seems to have become the rule, can one still find the emotional pull of a Winged Victory of Samothrace or The Persistence of Memory in contemporary art?

A memento mori seems to prefigure a suspension in time when it comes to art, a fantastic parenthesis that severs the creation from the world it belongs to, that it is borne from. So for certain individuals, art died along with the emergence of contemporary art. It disappeared into the meanders of surrealism, Pop art, Fluxus, or even postmodernism, and in reaching this threshold, art seems to have forgotten its very object.

Art has conceptualized itself, spiritualized itself as it ceased to represent the divine, leaving its admirers and amateurs by the wayside, all those, profane, who do not possess the codes necessary for an understanding of the beauty of a work. So some travel back in time, lost in the contemplation of Friedrich’s Stages of Life or even Homer’s Breezing Up, as if modern art were in fact Bruno Catalano’s Voyager, this representation of a void lying at the heart of Mankind, a forgotten land between a urinal[1] and a soap box[2].

Nowadays, contemporary art seems to have overtaken its own self, as if lost in the era following the Ready-made, or maybe the Mother by Louise Bourgeois. It seems to have lost its filiation, entangled in a web whose threads of creative freedom have made it a prisoner, incapable of fostering a connection between humans that could breed anything other than a misunderstanding.

Society seems to advance without art, negating it, detesting it, incapable of understanding a work outside of the art critic’s gaze, of those whose expertise determines beauty or ugliness. In this sense, though it swears it is emancipated from in the name of the artistic eccentricity, of disruptive practices, is an art not following in the footsteps of civilization made up of experts, of standardization, of appropriateness?

And here, within these walls, constructed as the incoherence of art was coalescing, we see entities invested with a new aura, identities that surpass the work itself, identities encompassing those of these reputed or obscure artists, those legitimized or truly unknown, who paint, sculpt, perform and combine the arts, so that we may once again open our eyes onto beauty, emotion, and emancipation.

Hybrid’s Crib has invited artists from all walks of life to the Est gallery space, to come and present their works, embedding this location in the hic and nunc of their creation, in a momentary temporality, freezing time despite its interminable passing, something only the identity of an entity may achieve.

An entity implies a unity of space and time, Platonical beauty made up of circles and patterns, of figures and shapes, in a chromatic mingling invoking ecstatic contemplation. It is an intuition, a vague idea of existence or the existing, which finds its essence in the substance of what is real.

An entity is what connects this tangible, palpable world to its allegorical or even chimeric representation. It is a phantasmagorical abstraction, the individualizing perception of an artist laying their identity upon the altar of art for the benefit of the general public. It is a part of themselves, maybe their very idiosyncrasy.

[1] Fountain, Marcel Duchamp, 1917.

[2] Andy Warhol, Brillo Soap Box, 1964.

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You are an artist and wish to participate in the exhibition Small format exhibition, Entity at Est Gallery,

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The deadline for entries is May 1st, 2022.  


1.     By email :

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2.     By mail :

-       The registration form completed in letters and duly dated and signed.

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