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Figurative Destructuralism Association or DF Art Project

DF Art Project is an international artistic collective that defends the concept of Figurative Destructuralism. It brings together living visual artists who share a common vision of their art. It consists of a fragmentation of reality, its perspective, its distortion and/or its dynamic transformation. It is a conceptualization of already existing artistic practices in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, digital art, performance and installation.

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Canoline Critiks

 Blog dedicated to art criticism. It presents more than 300 emerging visual artists. The texts are written by journalist and art critic Caroline Canault.



Through our platform, we give you access to the largest catalog of contemporary artworks, from the best galleries around the world. Sold from 100 euros to 100,000+ euros, Artsper brings together works by world-renowned artists (Banksy, JonOne, Andy Warhol) and young talents in media as varied as painting, sculpture, photography, editions or drawings.

In line with our desire to reduce barriers to the purchase of works of art, we also offer you a web magazine devoted to contemporary art and an art advisory service, for those who wish to benefit from support. custom in art purchase.

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Art des Annonces

Art des Annonces is a fine art online selling platform, objects, and materials from person to person. At the same time, Art des Annonces helps artists to promote their work on a voluntary basis and helps to spotlight young talents by promoting exchanges between artists and art lovers.

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Académie Nationale d’Art Contemporain

The National Academy of Contemporary Art was created on August 8, 2009, by Pierre Gimenez, European expert at the Court of Appeal of Montpellier to help artists and gallery owners in their communication and find their audience among collectors and art lovers. art.

The purpose of the National Academy of Contemporary Art is mainly to make known the member artists and to improve their notoriety. For this, the artist is put forward rather than his works.

The National Academy of Contemporary Art is made up of members, active members and selected academicians. Entering it is an act of support for its values and actions carried out in the artistic field.

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