Collective Exhibition

Substance Actuelle – Exhibition by Hybrid's Crib
From May 29th to June 8th, 2024
Etienne de Causans Gallery - 25, rue de Seine Paris 75006
Metro 4: Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Private view : Thursday, May 30th, 2024 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Opening hour : Monday to Saturday from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Presentation :

The exhibition "Substance Actuelle" explores the notion of substance in contemporary art by showcasing artworks that embody a powerful material and conceptual presence. This can include traditional mediums such as painting, sculpture, drawing, as well as more contemporary mediums like photography, digital art, and so on. The "substance" refers to the materiality of the physical elements that compose an artwork. The aim of this exhibition is to stimulate reflection on the nature of artistic substance and its impact on our perception and aesthetic experience.

The exhibition will present a selection of works by contemporary artists who stand out for their innovative use of materials, their exploration of texture and matter, as well as their profound conceptual engagement. Each artwork will be carefully chosen for its ability to communicate tangible substance and profound meaning to the viewer.

Exhibiting artists:

Alain Guillon / Anissa B. / Arnaud Schmeltz / Barbara Nazarenko / BRI-JCH / Catherina K. / Catherine Vaesca / Catherine Villa / Céline Weber / Charlie B. / Christian Deroche / Christine Houssay CHr / C aussi Clair / Corynne Sculfort / Cougoulat- Breitel / Creations Annie Cicatelli / David Cow / Deepa Khanna Sobti / Eric Beauplace / Franck Benoualid / Franck Brossy / Françoise Hubert / Gilles Candelier / Hélène Maris / Hélène Modebadze / Jade R. / Jean-Michel Daux / Jean-Pierre Labesse / Lawrence / Lidia Wojtowicz / Luc Arrignon / Marine Assoumov / Mathilde Sixx / Mehnoush Modonpour / Michèle Coudert / Milkisa / Naomi Baou / Nathalie Pierre / Nicola Bertoglio / Philippe Yvon / Pierre Geist / Rita Kortshok / Roz Delacour / Sandra Juge / Serge Guarnieri / Thierry Daudier de Cassini / WRD & SAM

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