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Marie Christine Palombit

Archeo Corpus I

Archeo Corpus I

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"Archeo Corpus I" transports the viewer into a primitive and mysterious universe. The tribal elements evoke ancient civilizations' art, offering a deep connection to our origins. The fragmented forms in the background add texture and depth, creating a sense of mystery and exploration. The elongated silhouette of the central figure is marked by a bold white line, distinguishing it from the fragmented background. This contrast draws attention to the figure, highlighting its presence. The unplanned fragments composing the shapes, shadows, and contours give an organic and dynamic appearance. "Archeo Corpus I" is the result of an impulsive and rapid artistic approach, infusing the composition with raw energy and spontaneity. This vivid and expressive presence captivates the viewer with its emotional intensity. As an interior decoration element, "Archeo Corpus I" brings a fascinating and original touch to any space, evoking a primitive and tribal atmosphere, as well as a sense of adventure and discovery. This captivating painting can serve as a focal point, attracting attention and sparking conversation.


114 cm X 59 cm X 2 cm


Pastel, acrylic and oil on paper mounted on canvas



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