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Michèle Coudert

Bicépahalopodes publicistes

Bicépahalopodes publicistes

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"Bicépahalopodes publicistes" offers a visual exploration of the creative possibilities resulting from the combination of disparate elements. The assembly of human faces onto animal forms and the use of human limbs in unusual contexts provoke reflection on the duality of identity and the boundaries between the human and the animal. This collage presents a hybrid subject, an animal form with two heads, where human faces are present on both the head and the tail. The front legs take the shape of human legs, while the two hind limbs are represented by human hands. The body of this hybrid creature is constructed from different elements with varied textures. The creature's belly appears to be made of folded paper, adding a tactile and visual dimension to the artwork. The assembly of these diverse elements creates a hybrid species that appears completely distorted, reconstructed, and fragmented, evoking an aesthetic that is both strange and captivating. Michèle Courdert takes us into a world where reality transforms and reinvents itself. The artwork encourages us to reconsider our perception of beauty, form, and meaning. "Bicépahalopodes publicistes" is an invitation to embrace the diversity and complexity of contemporary artistic creation.


40 cm X 30 cm X 1 cm


Collages, mixed media



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