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Michèle Coudert

Cloporte à manteau

Cloporte à manteau

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"Cloporte à manteau" presents a composition rich in diverse elements, where the main subject is an insect that appears inherently hybrid. The face of the insect is that of a human being, creating an unexpected fusion between the animal kingdom and the human world. The upper body of the insect is constructed from different elements such as feathers, brocade, and other materials, giving the impression of a coat or garment. This use of varied materials adds texture and visual depth to the artwork. The rest of the insect's body resembles the shape of a fishbone, creating an interesting contrast with the human face. This combination of shapes and textures gives the insect a reconstructed and distorted appearance, provoking reflection on the changing nature of identity and form. "Cloporte à manteau" is a captivating example of contemporary artistic expression. This collage transcends the boundaries of realistic representation by exploring the possibilities of transformation and fusion of elements. The artwork invites the viewer to question conventional standards of beauty and embrace the diversity and complexity of artistic creation.


30 cm X 40 cm X 1 cm


Collages, mixed media



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