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Adrien Conrad

Expressionist selfie I

Expressionist selfie I

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This artwork titled "Expressionist Selfie I" is a captivating selfie that explores artistic expression through the eyes of the artist himself. The artist uses the technique of expressionism to create a visually striking composition. The focal point of the work is the artist's gaze, which immediately catches the viewer's attention. This intense and introspective gaze conveys an emotional depth and a direct connection with the observer. We can detect a certain vulnerability and a feeling of deep introspection. Dissolution is an important element of this piece. The contours of the artist's face and body seem to melt and dissolve in swirling movements. This visual deconstruction reinforces the expressionist aspect of the work, allowing the artist to communicate his inner emotions in a powerful way. "Expressionist Selfie I" is a captivating work of art that explores the introspective nature of the selfie through an expressionist approach. The artist uses gestures, brushstrokes and visual dissolution to convey emotional depth and capture the essence of self-exploration. This work invites the viewer to reflect on the identity, intimacy and complexity of human experience in the digital age.


41 cm x 33 cm


Acrylic on canvas



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