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Michèle Coudert

Femme feuille

Femme feuille

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"Femme feuille" explores the concepts of fragmentation and reassembly as an expression of the complexity of feminine identity. The artwork challenges traditional conventions of portraiture by highlighting the diversity and fluidity of roles and perceptions in our contemporary society. The woman's face is deconstructed, with each half taking a different direction. This visual fragmentation emphasizes the complexity and multiplicity of feminine identity, inviting the viewer to question the different facets that compose it. The reconstruction of the portrait utilizes a variety of materials. This use of diverse materials and contrasting textures adds a tactile and visual dimension to the artwork, creating an interaction between the surface of the piece and the viewer's gaze. Through its skillful technique and exploration of identity, this artwork reminds viewers of the importance of breaking free from conventions and embracing the complexity of self-expression. "Femme feuille" invites us to contemplate contemporary art in a new light, urging us to question the limits of representation and embrace diversity and individuality in our ever-evolving society.


30 cm X 40 cm X 3 cm


Wood, cut medium, various materials, Collage, mixed technique



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