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Michèle Coudert

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

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"Marie Antoinette" invites us to challenge the preconceived ideas and historical judgments surrounding this iconic figure. The artwork explores the complexities of identity and perception, highlighting how the historical and social context can distort our understanding of a person. The deconstruction of Marie Antoinette's face in this artwork creates a striking visual tension. The separation into two distinct parts invites reflection on the multiple facets of her personality and legacy, as well as the tragic consequences of her reign.
The composition utilizes different elements to reconstruct the portrait, such as fabrics and threads, which add texture and visual depth to the artwork. These contrasting materials symbolize the complexity of Marie Antoinette's life, blending beauty and opulence with fragility and instability. The necklace present in the collage carries a powerful symbolic meaning, recalling the guillotine and the tragic events that marked the end of Marie Antoinette's life. It evokes the duality between the splendor of royalty and the brutal reality of the French Revolution, adding a historical dimension to this contemporary representation.


30 cm X 40 cm X 3 cm


Wood, cut medium, various materials, Collage, mixed technique



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