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David Cow

Nirvana there

Nirvana there

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"Nirvana there" is a work that transcends words and speaks to the soul. It offers a deep aesthetic and emotional experience, inviting everyone to let themselves be carried away by its poetic visual language and to discover an inner world rich in meanings and sensations. The composition of the work seems both orderly and spontaneous, inviting the viewer to explore the different layers of meanings. The organic shapes blend into each other, creating a dynamic visual dialogue. Each brushstroke seems to have been laid with intention, creating an artistic dance on the canvas. David Cow's work "Nirvana there" evokes a deep and captivating poetic impression. The vivid colors and delicate shades of acrylic on canvas create an emotionally charged landscape. Warm and cool hues blend harmoniously, revealing a rich and contrasting palette. She creates a feeling of intimacy, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the details and feel the emotion that emanates from each stroke.


58.4 cm x 58.2 cm


Acrylic on canvas.



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Yes, 61 cm x 61 cm x 3cm, wood, dark brown.


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