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Michèle Coudert

Ophidienne influenceuse

Ophidienne influenceuse

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"Ophidienne influenceuse" is an artistic representation that explores the deformation and reconstruction of identity in a contemporary context. The juxtaposition of the reptilian aspect with the human face and the use of a mobile phone highlights the complex interconnection between nature, technology, and culture in our time. This captivating composition features a hybrid creature, both part snake and part human, embodying an intriguing and unsettling presence. The creature's face is that of a human, establishing a fascinating visual connection between the animal world and the human world. The two human hands at the front of the creature function as legs, adding an unexpected dimension to its form. Another hand located on the creature's tail holds a mobile phone, evoking the influence of technology and social media in our contemporary society. The two human legs at the back of the creature further emphasize its hybrid, part snake and part human aspect. This fusion of forms and symbols invites reflection on the boundaries between the human and the animal, as well as on the roles and influences that shape our identity. Against a clear and bright background, the creature emerges with striking visual force. The artwork elicits fascination and inquiry into the multiple facets of influence and identity in our modern society. Through this collage, Michèle Courdert invites us to question the social constructions and influences that shape our perception of ourselves and the world around us. "Ophidienne influenceuse" is a work that highlights the complexities of our time and urges us to consider how we influence and are influenced within the contemporary landscape.


30 cm X 40 cm X 1 cm


Collages, mixed media



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