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Aurélie Salvaing

Bel ami

Bel ami

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"Bel ami" is a contemporary work of art that explores the notion of portraiture in an innovative way. The mixture of techniques such as collage, ink and writing creates a visually rich and complex composition. The disfigured portrait of the man, with its fragments and its texture, invites the viewer to reflect on the different facets of human identity and the notions of beauty and destructuring. This work embodies contemporary artistic expression and offers a captivating visual and intellectual experience. Collage is skillfully used in this work, allowing the artist to explore the relationship between shapes and textures. The different assembled elements give an impression of depth and complexity, inviting the viewer to analyze each fragment and grasp its meaning. The use of ink adds an extra dimension to the work, creating striking contrasts and light effects that enhance the expressiveness of the portrait. Writing is also present in this work, adding a narrative dimension to the whole. The words and sentences written in a subtle way on the collage fragments can arouse the curiosity of the viewer and invite him to interpret the meaning hidden behind these elements. This reinforces the contemporary aspect of the work, which is at the crossroads of visual art and writing.


30 cm x 30 cm


Collages, inks, ballpoint on canvas



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Yes, 33 cm x 33 cm, black wooden frame


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