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Jame Saurel

Doux Rêveurs

Doux Rêveurs

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The painting "Doux Rêveurs" by Jame Saurel presents two sleeping faces with simple forms that evoke a childlike aesthetic. Innocence emanates from these faces, which appear immersed in a profound slumber. The artist draws inspiration from a tribal aesthetic to create a representation that is both primitive and emotionally evocative. The faces are devoid of unnecessary details, placing emphasis on the expression of emotions rather than the painting techniques employed. The black background creates a striking contrast, thereby enhancing the presence of the sleeping faces. "Doux Rêveurs" conveys a powerful message where the significance lies more in the emotional content rather than in realistic technique. This painting by Jame Saurel invites us to immerse ourselves in a realm of reverie and innocence. The simplicity of the facial forms and the absence of superfluous details reinforce the raw expression of emotions. The tribal aesthetic adds a mysterious and timeless dimension to the artwork. "Doux Rêveurs" thus embodies an exploration of human interiority, where painting technique takes a backseat to the conveyance of a profound emotional message.


30 cm X 40 cm X 3 cm


Acrylic on photocompositions mounted on a wooden frame



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