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Marie Christine Palombit

Lunaris Corpus

Lunaris Corpus

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"Lunaris Corpus" by Marie Christine Palombit is a painting that captivates with its skillful play of chiaroscuro and its deconstructed composition. The technique used in this artwork demonstrates remarkable artistic mastery. The quick and impulsive brushstrokes imbue the piece with raw energy and captivating spontaneity. The deconstructed composition adds a conceptual depth, inviting the viewer to interpret the different layers and textures present in the artwork. Against a dark background, the silhouette of a figure stands out boldly traced in white lines. This overlay of forms creates a captivating deconstructed composition. The fragments of colors and textures present in the artwork add a rich and complex visual dimension. The impulsive and rapid brushstrokes reveal a primitive aesthetic that transports the viewer into a world that is both raw and mysterious. "Lunaris Corpus" evokes a primal sentiment, recalling the origins and fundamental elements of human existence. It is a piece that transcends the boundaries of realistic representation to explore the deepest dimensions of artistic expression.


59 cm X 114 cm X 2 cm


Pastel, acrylic and oil on paper mounted on canvas



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