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Michèle Coudert

Madame Füssli en rose

Madame Füssli en rose

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This artistic composition presents a deconstructed portrait of Madame Füssli, created using various materials that imbue it with striking richness and visual texture. Madame Füssli's face is distorted and fragmented in this artwork, inviting the viewer to engage in profound contemplation of her identity and heritage. The collage is skillfully crafted using diverse materials such as threads, knitted flowers, and paper, meticulously arranged to form a visually and aesthetically pleasing composition. The threads and knitted flowers add a tactile dimension, while their use as ornamentation on the figure's head brings a touch of elegance and refinement, underscoring the significance of artistic representation in interpreting history. The dominant color palette of this collage is pink, creating a soft and feminine ambiance. The clear and uncluttered background enhances the deconstruction of the portrait, allowing the different elements to stand out with clarity. Through this collage, Michèle Courdert explores the infinite possibilities of deconstructing and reconstructing the portrait while innovatively paying artistic homage to Madame Füssli.


30 cm X 40 cm X 3 cm


Wood, cut medium, various materials, Collage, mixed technique



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