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Daniel Derderian

New gold paint

New gold paint

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I started with a glamorous photo of Marlene Dietrich. I took a few vivid elements of this icon's beauty: a line of thick drooping eyelashes, a bright red part of her mouth, her flawless hairstyle – landmarks that make her 'the blond Venus'. The colors silvers, creamy white and yellow-gold press on this climate as in an elegant breath of blond tobacco. The deconstruction prompted me to give more shape to her personality than to her appearance: the strength, determination and commitment of this leading woman. I made it at the same time as a portrait of an innocent child that I blended into the background: Little Adolphe.

"Marlène Dietrich was committed against Nazism in the 1930s, and actively participated in the Second World War between 1944 and 1945, making the song Lili Marleen famous, and obtaining in 1947 the Medal of Freedom, the highest American military distinction that can receive a civilian. » (source Wikipedia)

The name New Gold Paint is what it is. I had bought a new tube of paint, which, at the checkout of the store, turned out to be very expensive because There is gold in its composition.


55 cm X 46 cm X 3 cm


Pencil and oil

Frame material & color:
American wooden box with pearl-colored wax



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