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Clara Crespin

Un soir ... le minotaure

Un soir ... le minotaure

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The artwork "One evening ... the Minotaur" by Clara Crespin is an artistic creation that draws inspiration from mythology and offers an expressive and captivating interpretation of the famous Minotaur. At the heart of this composition lies the Minotaur himself, endowed with a human heart, symbolizing the fusion between humanity and the beast. The intense expression of this mythological figure is striking, capturing the duality of its nature and the complexity of its existence. The artwork appears unfinished, composed of fragments that add an intriguing dimension to the whole. These fragments suggest an unfinished story, inviting the viewer to imagine and explore the multiple facets of the Minotaur. The broken lines and forms enhance the fragmented aspect of the artwork, creating a tension between the Minotaur's brute strength and its human vulnerability.

"One evening ... the Minotaur" is an invitation to delve into the mythological universe and reflect on the complexity of our own nature. This captivating artistic creation reminds us that even in the most monstrous beings, there can be a part of humanity, and that true self-understanding requires the exploration of our darkest and most complex aspects.


162 cm x 114 cm x 3 cm


Acrylic, Posca on canvas on stretcher



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